"Incredible - Joe's personality and work ethic make him a blast on the mats. He makes sure that you have the proper technique so you are working out in the most effective and safe way while his sense of humor makes you forget you're working out all together. I'd recommend a million times over."  ...... Amanda M.

"Joe is such a great trainer! Before him I knew nothing about kickboxing! He is very motivating and adds such excitement to the class. Every kickboxing class has been different from the previous class. I have not only learned how to get in shape but he has taught me how to make lifestyle changes!"..... Colleen K.

"I absolutely love working out with Joe. His energy and style make working out so much fun."   ....... Nina A.

"Joe is fantastic. He is very kind and dedicated to helping one achieve their fitness goals. He is supportive and constantly encouraging in class. While the workouts are challenging Joe makes it fun, and he offers great nutrition advice." ..... Maureen K.

"Honestly the best motivator. It's okay if you come tired. You can count on Joe to get your spirits up to get you going. Don't have to worry about personal injuries holding you back, he will accommodate the workout to your physical limitations. If you want a fun and intense work out, you can count on him every time." ..... Rebecca B.

Joe is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with...he is knowledgeable and motivating. His intense workouts keep me striving for more. He cares about his clients. He gives individual attention when needed, especially when it comes to proper form. I love his tips on nutrition and the information he shares about over all health. He is a wealth of knowledge and a genuine trainer. ..... Vicki D

The Best Kickboxing Class I have ever taken. Joe's energy and style of training is amzing. A unique program that stands out above the rest. If your looking to get in shape look no further 2 thumbs up !! ..... Jeff W.

All I can say is, that after one of Joe's workouts, there is a puddle sweat on the floor and I am burning. He definitely knows how to push you to the next level! ... Bill C.

"I have been working with Joe for over two years now. He is extremely talented and knowledgeable in the fitness world. He will go above and beyond to help you succed with your fitness goals (I lost over 100 pounds and kept it off for a year so far). I would, and have, highly recommend Joe!" ..... Stephanie F.

‚Äč"Joe is a marvelous man and coach. I was completely new to kickboxing and hadn't been physically active and Joe was awesome. He helped me feel very comfortable and dig deep to keep pushing. First day of class he told me "nobody trains like a fighter trains" and he was so right. Definitely recommend him as a trainer.".....  Amanda A.






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