Train like a fighter without the fight !! 




When performed as a fitness and weight loss program, KICK FIT classes provide a full-body workout that targets both improvements in cardiovascular endurance and muscular toning. 


In addition, regularly performing the KICK FIT exercise routine works all major muscle groups in a fun and energetic way and improves balance, coordination, flexibility and self-confidence.


 Our program  is a combination of Boxing, Ju JItsu, Kickboxing, MMA and Muay Thai Conditioning and bag work. Classes encompass a large variety of exercise types so the chances of getting bored are slim. While the workouts may be quite enjoyable and diverse, they are also very effective at providing a total-body workout that not only burns a insane number of calories, but tones the muscles as well.

The number of calories burned per exercise session varies according to your weight, intensity level, duration of your exercise session and types of exercises performed.

In general, you should expect to burn between 450 to 1200 calories per session performed. Start Kicking and Punching  today to be in the best shape of your life !!





Most of us are aware of the importance of regular cardiovascular exercise and its affect on the heart, lungs and vascular system. Cardiovascular exercise not only allows us to carry out activities more efficiently but it also reduces the risk of many diseases and illnesses, including coronary heart disease, heart attack, cancer, diabetes, stroke and problems associated with ageing. Cardio fitness is a fundamental part of KICK FIT programs



To successfully lose weight and keep it off, eating well and exercising are key (the secret, of course, is to eat less and move more). Our program come with a custom basic meal plan  that meet your specific reuirements, Plus  Supplements are available  to add to your arsenal to boost your weight-loss efforts and building lean muscle.

           MUSCLE TONE


Muscle toning exercises should be a part of virtually all training  programs, as there are several health and fitness benefits that are primarily derived only from strength training. For instance, strength training increases an individual's basal metabolic rate (BMR). The basal metabolic rate of an individual is the total number of calories that their body burns in a 24-hour period.Strength training is just as important for individuals that are looking to effectively lose weight and gain lean muscle. All Kick Fit classes use body weight exercises and weights for muscle tone to help you get that sexy, lean muscular body you have always wanted !!

           CORE STRENGTH


We all want that six pack. By “core,” we are not just talking about your abs, but also the areas that comprise the your entire center, including your back, glutes, hips, legs, and even your chest and shoulders. When you focus on core strength you should be focusing on all of these areas, not just doing hundreds of sit ups trying to get that six pack.

You need to be strong, flexible, and loose in all of these areas. Most of these can be worked through simple bodyweight exercises,  and dynamic movements, you can get your core in the best possible shape and take your level of fitness  above and beyond. Core training is a fundamental part of KICK FIT. Start your 6-pack journey today !!






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